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KWA's Professional Training Pistol series is designed to provide enough realism for law enforcement and military training purposes

KWA's Professional Training Pistol
series is designed to provide
enough realism for
law enforcement and
military training purposes

Blowback action provides a more
realistic feel when firing the gun

Spare magazines now available

Only $249.99


This is the airsoft version of the Belgium FN Herstal P90 personal defense weapon
Attach scopes and sights using the upper, left, and right tactical rails
Adjustable top rail and front sight
Safety, Semi, & Automatic Fire Modes
Adjustable top hop-up
Fires 6 millimeter plastic BBs

Only $189

Sig Sauer 556 Full Metal Automatic Airsoft Rifles

Fires 780-850 airsoft BBs per minute
Semi and full automatic firing modes
Full metal construction
Steel gears and metal gearbox
One piece metal outer barrel
3 position adjustable stock

Only $379.

Thompson M1A1 Airsoft Submachine Guns

The primary gun used by the allies in WW2.

Velocity of 370-450 feet per second (0.20G BBs)
Metal body, gear box, magazine and steel gears
Authentic wood effects
Adjustable rear sight
Semi and fully auto firing modes
Compatible with Thompson drum magazines

Only $169.95

KJW Blackwater 1911 Airsoft Gas Blowback Handguns

Semi automatic green gas model
Blowback action providing for releastic firing
Approx. 426 feet per second with 0.12 gram BBs
28 BB Magazine capacty
Weaver rail frame under barrel
Front and rear fixed sights for aiming

Only $119.

Colt M4A1 Carbine AEG Airsoft Rifle

Licensed Colt trademark and
unique serial number
370-450 feet pers second with 0.20 gram BBs
6-position retractable stock
Metal Gearbox, outer barrel and magazine
Adjstable hop-up for better accuracy

Only $159.95

Magnum and Bates Combat Boots




Starting at $94.95

Tanfoglio steel BB airguns with blowback

Semi automatic

Top tactical rail

CO2 powered

Blowback system for a more

realistic shooting experience

Rugged metal magazine

Only $169.95

Kalashnikov AKM-S AIMS Full Auto Airsoft rifles

Electronic blowback provides the realism of blowback
without having to mess around with green gas

Full metal receiver and gear box
Real wood construction on foregrip
550 Round high capacity magazine

Only $219.95

G&G GC7A1 Full Autp AEG Rifle

Styled after the Canadian Forces C7 rifle

4X magnification gun sight included
Velocity 366 feet per second
Semi and fully automatic mode switch
450 Round high capacity magazine

Only $549.

Canadian Army Style Rucksacks

Spacious front pouch
Top cover flap with double buckle closure and carry handle
Two side pouches ideal for small supplies and water bottles
Adjustable shoulder straps
Draw string to close main pocket

Only $39.95

Level 4 Bullet Proof Vest

Designed to stop 7.62, .308 rounds
Ceramic plates on front and back of vest
18.5 lbs in weight
Limited quantities

Only $299.00

TPN Bravo One Paintball Markers

Styled after the U.S. Armys M16
11 inch high-performance barrel
M16 style front gun barrel shroud
6 Setting removable gun stock
Over 150 foot range

Only $189.95

Airsoft Tommy Guns
Rugged steel gears,
metal gearbox and body
Authentic wood effects
450 Airsoft BB capacity drum magazine
The Tommy gun or Chicago Typewriter
is one of the most infamous guns
of the 20th century.
It is well known for being
the weapon of choice by
prohibition era gangsters.

Only $249.95

KA-BAR® Straight Edge Full-Size USMC Combat Knives

Originally Designed to Serve
U.S. Troops During World War II
and it is Still Doing its Job,
with Honours,
Nearly 70 Years Later.

Rated one of the top 5 survival knives

Only $119.95

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