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Petrol 551 Holographic Gun Siights

Nearly immune to parallax distortion

Batteries included

10 brightness settings and two

colour settings (red and green)

One of the most popular sights in the world

Starting at $99.95

Magnum and Bates Combat Boots




Starting at $89.95

Increase your aiming speed by putting a green laser dot on your target

Increase your aiming speed
by putting a green laser dot
on your target.

Laser beam is strong enough
to go through glass

Only $99.95

Kalashnikov Airsoft Sniper Rifles

With detachable cheek pad

200 Round magazine

Adjustable sights

Only $169.99

Kalashnikov AK47 Spetsnaz Automatic Electric Airsoft Guns

Semi and fully automatic firing
Rugged steel gears and metal gear box
High capacity magazine
Includes airsoft battery and charger

Only $99.95

TPN Bravo One Paintball Markers

Styled after the U.S. Armys M16
11 inch high-performance barrel
M16 style front gun barrel shroud
6 Setting removable gun stock
Over 150 foot range

Only $159.95

Airsoft Tommy Guns
Rugged steel gears,
metal gearbox and body
Authentic wood effects
450 Airsoft BB capacity drum magazine
The Tommy gun or Chicago Typewriter
is one of the most infamous guns
of the 20th century.
It is well known for being
the weapon of choice by
prohibition era gangsters.

Only $129.95

Colt M4 Fully Automatic AEG

Steel BB / pellet version
of the U.S. Army classic
Pump action
Fires up to 495 FPS
Adjustable buttstock
Tactical rails for adding sights and scopes
350 0.177 Caliber steel BB capacity magazine

Only $139.95

Airsoft GBB Handguns

Semi automatic
Weaver rail frame under barrel for attaching
laser sights or tactical flashlights
Green gas powered
Spin up accuracy system
Textured hand grip
Realistic blowback action
Officially licensed product

Only $99.95

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